A primary goal of DialogForum is to provide an easily available discussion and meeting forum for dialogue researchers who wish to establish contacts and to collaborate across geographical and disciplinary boundaries. Transgressions of traditional disciplinary boundaries are encouraged through the integration and development of interdisciplinary approaches designed to address the complex phenomena of dialogue-based communication and action in postmodern environments. Linguists, rhetoricians, anthropologists, literary scholars, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, political scientists, as well as scholars from other disciplines interested in dialogic issues are called upon to join a vibrant dialogue-focused research community.

An important goal of DialogForum is to bring about a cross-fertilisation of approaches to dialogue within and between different disciplines through an ongoing discussion of both established and recent ways of exploring dialogue in its various forms and manifestations in real life and in virtual reality. Culture-specific and cross-cultural perspectives are encouraged since they help to shed light on particular dialogue practices and conventions, as well as on changing dialogue paradigms. Emerging genres of dialogic communication, such as hybrid dialogues, pseudo-dialogues, para-institutional dialogues, and publicly private (or privately public) dialogue, will also benefit from joint scholarly explorations.