Past conferences

Forthcoming conferences

Past conferences

ESSE 8 Conference (European Society for the Study of English)

London, 29 August-2 September 2006

Panel ‘Shifting roles and relationships in real-life and fictional English dialogues’
Convener: Cornelia Ilie

  • Cornelia Ilie: ‘Alice in Language Wonderland: Shifting roles in dialogue’
  • Lynne Cameron: ‘The dynamics of metaphor in dialogue’
  • Hugo Bowles: ‘On the applicability of conversational analysis to fictional dialogue research – Some methodological considerations’
  • Almut Koester: ‘Dialogue in real and fictional offices’
  • Massimiliano Morini: ‘Real and fictional aspects of Jane Austen’s conversation’
  • Chris Christie: ‘Politeness and dialect in the dialogue of Lady Chatterley’s lover’
  • María del Carmen Garrido Hornos: ‘Acting with dialogue: The problem of fictional characterisation’
10th IPrA Conference (International Pragmatics Conference)

Göteborg, Sweden, 9-13 July 2007

Panel ‘Parliamentary discourse strategies: Persuasion, dissuasion, deliberation and controversy’
Conveners: Cornelia Ilie and Clara Lorda

(the panel presentations have been published in a special issue of Journal of Pragmatics, 2010)

  • Cornelia Ilie and Clara Lorda: ’An integrated approach to parliamentary discourse analysis’
  • Nikolai Biryukov: ‘Languages of politics and strategies of political argumentation in parliamentary discourse’
  • Cristián Santibáñez: ‘Metaphorical schemas and argumentation in parliamentary discourse’
  • Kjersti Fløttum: ‘Polyphony in speeches by Tony Blair’
  • Francesca Santulli and Giuliana Garzone: ‘Reformulation, intertextual reference and reported speech in a debate in the House of Commons’
  • Mihai Frumuselu:’Pseudo-parliamentary discourse in a Communist dictatorship: dissenter Parvulescu vs dictator Ceauşescu’
  • Anne-Laure Nicot: ‘The vocabulary of democracy: a weapon in the French parliamentary struggle?’
  • Laszlo Komlosi and Istvan Tarrosy: ‘Presumptive arguments turned into presumptious fallacies: The evaluation of pre-election debates in a democracy of promises’

Forthcoming conferences

7th ISSA Conference (the International Society for the Study of Argumentation)

Amsterdam, 29 June-2 July 2010

Panel ‘Theoretical approaches to argumentation strategies in election campaign interviews: The case of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’
Convener: Cornelia Ilie

  • Cornelia Ilie: ’A pragma-rhetorical approach to interviewing techniques with the Democratic candidates in the 2008 American presidential nomination campaign’
  • Peter Bull: ‘Face-threat and face management: A means of assessing the interview performance of political interviewers’
  • Jens Kjeldsen: ‘Nonverbal behaviour as argumentation in election campaign interviews’
  • Margareth Sandvik: ‘The distribution of inequality: Analyzing interview conditions in the 2008 American Democratic presidential nomination campaign’